Model Specific Service Training

Contrast Injector Service Training Software

    • This software is a step by step guide through the PM and Calibration/Verification procedure. The BMET is performing the PM and filling out a PM Checksheet while being trained and guided through the PM procedure with detailed videos.
    • A detailed PM Report is produced when complete.
    • Models currently available are the Stellant, Mark 7 Arterion, Spectris Solaris, ProVis, and Mark V Plus.
    • These are computer-based downloaded courses; the first time through the course you should give yourself at least two hours in most cases; roughly an hour each subsequent time.
    • The BMET will receive a Training Certificate from Maull Biomedical Training for each model of injector once they have completed, in order:
      • The Introduction to Contrast Injectors online course (only need to take once)
      • The Model Specific Operation Training online course
      • The Model Specific Service computer based course (email a copy of the final PM report to Maull Biomedical Training to receive credit for completing the training).
    • The cost is $1200 per model if you are attending the in-class training, or $1100 if you are doing the online training.
    • Download our Cost Savings Analysis to compare the cost of maintaining your injectors in-house vs. OEM Service Contract.
    • Purchase test equipment required for your selected training software.

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