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Contrast Injector Training

Imagine getting your BMETs trained anytime you want, on any model you want, without having to send them off to training.

Email us and we’ll give you the details on how to do exactly that.

Why Get Trained?

Contrast Injectors are simple and if you’ve seen one you’ve basically seen them all; they all do the same thing the same way. Save your facility $1000’s. Stop paying someone else to maintain a pump! Download this Cost Savings Analysis to see the benefits.

How to Get Trained

Step 1

Register with the website.

Step 2

Take the Introduction to Contrast Injectors Video course and correctly answer the questions during the training. It’s FREE and takes about half an hour.

Step 3

Take the model specific Operations Training Video course of any model you want and correctly answer the questions during training. It’s also FREE and they also take about half an hour each.

While it would be great if you could be in front of the contrast injector while taking the video course, it’s not necessary (YES, the training is that simple).

Last Step

Purchase the model specific Service Training Course. This training can be done in a classroom or online.

The cost is $1,200/model/student for in-class training or $1100/model/student for online/software download training.

You will receive a model specific Training Certificate for each model of injector you successfully complete the training on (for more information go here).

Student testimonials

“Class is very hands-on and the training manuals and procedures are high quality. I highly recommend it.”

Matt S.

“I enjoyed your classes immediately. It has built my confidence and understanding greatly. I have no qualms undertaking any repair or calibration.”

Don G.

“Everyone enjoyed the class, the materials were well constructed and the training systems worked great. That’s hard to pull off!”

Russel L.

“Excellent class, I will highly recommend it to my colleagues. It was a pleasure you being my instructor.”

Robert L.

“I really enjoyed the class, I had lots of fun. The hands on/lab work you had us do was awesome. Thanks for all your great feedback and professional training we received from you at Maull Biomedical.”

Jorge A.

“Very good class and well worth the long drive. Too many times, service training
classes have so much BS mixed in that many times you could cut the class in half and
get the same thing accomplished. You’re doing it right – don’t change.”

Jim V.