Stellant® Contrast Injector Service Training

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Stellant® Contrast Injector Service Training


This Contrast Injector Service Training Course will teach the service technician the proper operation of contrast injectors, identify the injector components, proper preventative maintenance (PM) and calibrations/calibration verification procedures as well as the tools and test equipment needed.

This course requires the Tier 1 Test Equipment Package.

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Product Description

Lessons in this training module include:

  • Components and Configurations of the Contrast Injector
    • Controls and Indicators
    • Routine Operation
    • Operational Checkout Procedures
  • Preventive Maintenance of Contrast Injectors
    • Recommended PM Schedule
    • Inspection Procedures
    • Cleaning Procedures
  • Calibration of Contrast Injectors
    • Tools and Test Equipment Needed
    • Calibration/Verification Procedures