Mark 7 Arterion® Software Training


Mark 7 Arterion® Software Training


This Contrast Injector Service Training Course will teach the service technician the proper operation of contrast injectors, identify the injector components, proper preventative maintenance (PM) and calibrations/calibration verification procedures as well as the tools and test equipment needed.

This course requires the Tier 1 Test Equipment Package.

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Product Description

Lessons in this training module include:

  • Components and Configurations of the Contrast Injector
    • Controls and Indicators
    • Routine Operation
    • Operational Checkout Procedures
  • Preventive Maintenance of Contrast Injectors
    • Recommended PM Schedule
    • Inspection Procedures
    • Cleaning Procedures
  • Calibration of Contrast Injectors
    • Tools and Test Equipment Needed
    • Calibration/Verification Procedures