Contrast Injector Service Training – Course Syllabus and Outline

Course Syllabus

Instructor: Steve Maull
Course Title: Contrast Injector Service Training
Course Length: 1-5 days (1 day per injector)
Course Cost: $1,100-$1200 per injector (online vs in person)
Course Hours: 8:00am – 4:30pm

Course Manual: The Contrast Injector Service Training Manuals, created by Maull Biomedical Training, will be provided.

Course Description: The Contrast Injector Service Training Course will teach the service technician the proper operation of contrast injectors, identify the injector components, proper PM and calibrations/calibration verification procedures and troubleshooting as well as the tools and test equipment needed. Each student will be trained on, and have the opportunity to perform, a PM and calibration/calibration verification on the following injector systems (student’s choice):

  • ACIST CVi (coming October, 2020)
  • Mark 7 Arterion®
  • Mark V Plus®
  • ProVis®
  • Stellant®
  • Spectris Solaris®
  • Envision
  • Angiomat Illumena™
  • CT 9000™ ADV
  • OptiVantage™

Course Organization: In person classes typically start on Monday at 8:00 AM and go until around 3 PM with a one hour lunch (provided by Maull Biomedical Training). The training is pretty much all hands on. The students will be broken up into groups of 2 or 3 to perform operational and maintenance labs on the injectors. During training a complete PM is performed on the injector model being trained on.

Course Objectives: By the end of this course of study, the service technician will:

  1. Understand the purpose of contrast media.
  2. Know how to properly perform an operational inspection.
  3. Know how to properly perform preventive maintenance.
  4. Know how to properly perform a calibration/calibration verification.
  5. Be familiar with common problems and general troubleshooting procedures.

Testing, Attendance and Completion of the Course: Upon completion of the Contrast Injector Service Training Course the student will be issued a Certificate of Training, indicating they have completed the training course. There are no tests or quizzes during on-site training. However, to successfully complete the course, the student must attend all training sessions and successfully complete all the hands-on labs with his/her lab partners. Situations may arise, such as illness, injury or emergency, which causes a student to not complete the requirements of the course. When this occurs, all efforts will be made by Maull Biomedical Training to give the student the opportunity to return for training, at no additional registration fee, to complete the training that was missed. Only then will a Certificate of Training be issued.

Course Outline

Students will have the opportunity to learn and perform Operational Checkout Procedures, PMs and Calibrations/Calibration Verifications on the following injector models during the course:

  • ACIST CVi (coming October, 2020)
  • Mark 7 Arterion®
  • Mark V Plus®
  • ProVis®
  • Stellant®
  • Spectris Solaris®
  • Envision (manual only)
  • Angiomat™ Illumena™
  • CT 9000™ ADV (manual only)
  • OptiVantage™

Contrast Injector Applications

  • Modalities that Utilize Contrast Media and Why
  • Introduction to Contrast Media, Syringes and other Disposables

Components and Configurations of Contrast Injectors

  • Controls and Indicators
  • Routine Operation
  • Operational Checkout Procedures

Preventive Maintenance of Contrast Injectors

  • Recommended PM Schedule
  • Inspection Procedures
  • Cleaning Procedures
  • Electrical Safety

Calibration and Repair of Contrast Injectors

  • Test Equipment Needed
  • Calibration/Verification Procedures
  • Troubleshooting Error Codes and Messages with How To Videos
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